Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clothes ReConstruct - Too small T-Shirt

Apologies for the lack of before pics!

This was a nice punk sleeveless T-shirt which my well-meaning friends gave to me for my b-day, to indulge my goth phase.

But being size zero themselves, they fail to account for me being a fat girl whose flabby arms will strike men blind!

However, I was determined not to let them down, and took apart an old checked shirt, and cut out the long sleeves. This ensures that I am still left with the main shirt for a vest later.

I then cut open the side seams of the T-shirt.

Measuring out 5 inch tall triangles from wider ends, I folded and quick-stitched them into place around the tops of the shoulder seams to form the top cap-sleeves. (which distracts from the flabby arms and makes them look smaller)

Measuring out 3 inch X 12 inch rectangles from the remaining material, I sewed them to the open sides of the T-shirts, so that the top is now my proper size (not size zero!).

The next time I saw them with this top on, I was greeted with squeals, on how their present suited me perfectly......

Difficulty level: 3 out of 5
Machine sewing needed: Yes