Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Translated reviews on UNT BB cream

It's been such a long while since I blogged. Was extremely busy with my baby born in Oct 2010 who is now a toddler. It's been such a year!

I've only started catching up on my beauty reading and beauty shopping recently. Being a new parent was such a daunting thing and easily the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Harder than any 'job/career' I know.

I've always wanted to restart blogging especially after boring Mr Effort with beauty talk. And after reading a post from one of my fave beauty sites, I've decided to kick off with a translation for her and her readers.

UNT has launched a BB cream in December 2011. Please click to read hope-inablog's article.

Hope-inablog has also kindly provided 3 links for shade charts on UNT's BB cream. I'll like to briefly translate these 3 reviews for those who don't read traditional Chinese. This is not a word-for-word translation since there are so many apps, sites or software which can easily do a far better job of translating word for word.

1) Link 1 - Hannah's fashionlist

The post header reads "Unforgettable UNT BB cream" (to be nit-picking, it's more closely translated into "Once you use (UNT BB cream), you won't be able to forget it")

Hannah posts that the different shades are due to the poor lighting in her house. She apparently loves UNT nail polishes and skincare and has added the BB cream to her faves. In her comments on the BB cream itself, she says that her skin is prone to redness and the UNT BB cream makes the redness and spider veins disappear, evening out her skin tone.

2) Link 2 - Nini House
Post header - "With the UNT BB cream, I don't need any other (base coverage products)"
Nini has used the product for a week at the time of review. She reminds readers to use more strength for the first pump to ensure product to come out. She mentions that the BB cream feels sheer on the skin yet offers decent coverage. Without pressed powders, there is no detectable face 'shine' (skin does not appear oily). She also comments that on one of the days when she used the BB cream, it was drizzling but her base coverage due to the BB cream remain intact (she indicated that she usually uses sunscreen alongside the BB cream).

3) Link 3 - bobo888's blog
She starts off the post by saying that when she was in Korea, random Korean strangers have asked her on the base coverage she was using. She reminds readers that even although when using UNT BB cream with a lot of skin care properties, it is important to remove makeup effectively before bedtime. She jokes that she wanted to go back home after 12 (midnight) but someone told her "U still look very awake (presumably due to the BB cream)!"