Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pony Effect That Girl Fever Shadow Palette review and swatches of Just 10 Seconds, In City and All That Glam

Pony, a celebrated Korean makeup artist, has launched her own line called Pony Effect. She has previously collaborated with Memebox for 2 collections and that experience has informed her on what works.

Pony Effect’s first offering is a limited edition holiday 2015 collection – 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 contouring palette, 3 lipsticks and 4 nail polishes. I decided to get the eyeshadow palette from Korea the day the collection launched and this palette arrived at my home within 10 days. 

The palette consists of 3 matte shadows (In City, All Night, Bad or Good), 4 shimmers (Overdose, Beautiful Liar, Ready to Party, Drunk Dial) and 2 glitters (Just 10 Seconds, All That Glam).

At this point in time, I have only tried Overdose, Ready to Party, Drunk Dial and All That Glam on my lids. I have to say I find the colors very wearable despite its shimmer and glitter.

Taken in diffused daylight (swatched palette - the marks are there due to my swatching)

Taken in bright daylight - colors look a little washed out due to the lighting (they look better under white light, but I lost that file)

Comparing the white glitters - Pony Effect shade Just 10 Seconds vs Shu Uemura G White Rainbow (on their own, no base color below the powders)

Comparing the white glitters over colored base (1 black base and 1 turquoise base)

Original colored swatches without any glitter

Swatches under white light 

Swatches under bright daylight

Pony Effect's Just 10 Seconds is a fine white glitter with violet sparkles compared to the bigger holographic sparkles of Shu Uemura's G White Rainbow. I personally find that Just 10 Seconds will change the original base eg black becomes a purplish black, so this is something to consider before you use it as a glitter overlay. 

I couldn't find the photograph file of this swatching - In City and All That Glam so please rely on the video for swatches. 

Pony has also released her own video tutorial for this collection here.

Disclaimer: I received no payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. All opinions expressed and products featured here are my own.