Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Japanese magazinescans - Maquia, Voce and &Rosy

I managed to get 3 beauty-related Japanese magazines straight from Japan.

1) Maquia - May issue launched in Japan on 23 March. This month's focus is all about creating the small/sharp 'ideal' face.

The magazine came with an oval toothbrush-type brush and 3 samples from Obagi. There was even a section showing how you can use the brush as part of skincare routine or to apply base and blusher.   

2) Voce - May issue launched in Japan on 23 March. Voce's focus this month was all about base products. They had a section on how to make your complexion glow (as opposed to making it look shallow) and a detailed review of base products launched recently where they put them through a detailed analysis). Some brands were also selected to feature their spring eyeshadows.

3) &Rosy - May issue launched on 23 March. This was my first time buying &Rosy and it was a great decision. Targeted at ladies over 35 yrs old, the May issue came with a deluxe sample of Kose Decorte Whitelogist Bright Express (Whitelogist is the premium whitening line from Kose Decorte) and a cute feline zippered pouch.