Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kose Haul!

Read about the Kose family sale from Haru whose beauty blog I read avidly. It starts Tuesday 29 June (today) and ends 30 June (tomorrow).

Having many beauty products myself, I was inclined to go to the sale just to take a peek. But the husband who knows me better than myself predicted that I would get something (or somethingsss).

True enough, as he predicted, I hauled items back! Simply couldn't resist them nor the price.

1) This is the Esprique Precious Illuminate Fantasy Collection Christmas 2009 set! I seem to recall reading somewhere that this was deemed as Esprique's most popular Christmas offering in recent years in the Japanese market.

This set is made out of 4 items:
A)Face Color
B) Glamorous Glossy Eyes WT01(white)
C) Dress on Glossy Rouge PK883 (pink)
D) Nail Color N PK 816 (pink)

Am really keen on the face color, but not so much on the rest. They're a bit too glittery for me (considering that I already have tonnes of glitter-loaded beauty products). Guess I'll research the swatches before I start using these pieces. Like most Christmas sets offered by beauty companies during their sales, this one was going at 50% off its original retail price.

2) Cosme Decorte Whitelogist Day Advanced SPF12/PA+. This is my first whitening paid product (I've received whitening products as gifts before, but never forked out money for one of them before). Am not sure of the Singapore retail price, so can't tell you how much the discount was. But it's the most expensive item I've bought in recent years which I haven't tried before.

3) Eyeliner from Beaute de Kose in Delicate Shell (matte white and cream with a delicate sheen). This was selling at S$12 (as you can see on the price tag). Was originally considering a Esprique Precious eyeliner, but picked this one instead.

4) Esprique Precious nail polishes were going for S$10 each. I accidentally broke off part of one cap when I dropped the bag on the floor, but the nail polishes were sold in very good original condition.

5) This Fasio set was also part of Fasio Christmas 2009 offering. I wasn't able to find much information on the Internet about this set after I got back from the sale, so maybe it was a Singaporean set where they bundle existing products together. Am intending to give this to JA to help her experiment with make-up.

6) These are sheets for making your own sheet masks. You simply soak these sheets in the lotions that you like and voila! Your very own, customized eye/cheek sheet masks.