Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Makeup: makeup brushes

One wonders how much do you really need? We know from school that humans need food, water and shelter to survive. But what kind of life does that make?

In a world where consumer is king, wants seem to be right up there alongside needs.

Do you need make-up? Or that new pair of shoes? Or that new PSP Go?

No, but it makes us feel better.

Along the same thread of wants vs needs, I present to you my collection of makeup brushes. 13 brushes in total, 3 of which are repeated.

Yes, I have 10 different makeup brushes for someone who doesn't put on makeup everyday. These does not include the puffs and sponges I do use whenever I decide to doll up.
In my defense, I point to the cosmetics industry and their perchant to advertise makeup brushes as necessary tools.

Extract of iNuovi Cosmetics' brochure


  1. Wow, that's quite a collection. Thanks so much for reading my blog; of course you can link!