Thursday, June 6, 2013

Madre Labs Concentrated Green Tea Skin Cream

I purchased a bottle of Madre Labs Concentrated Green Tea Skin Cream from iherb when I was looking through trial products. I was keen to try a EGCg product after reading The New Science of Perfect Skin and the trial price offered was tempting.  

I purchased this at a trial price of  USD$9.72 (50ml). The usual price for this product varies between USD$19.95 (iherb) or USD$22.55 (Amazon seller). 

When I first applied the cream on my face, I felt a smarting (mildly tingling) sensation around my nasolabial lines. I quickly went online and asked around. Apparently, I was probably reacting to the tea tree oil in the product. Despite forummers asking me to stop using the cream, I persisted but using less product around the laugh lines. 

I did like the cream after using it for a while (only 1/4 of the cream is left) but felt that it didn't address my hydration issues. As a moisturiser, it did fairly well in making my skin feel less tight. But I personally prefer the 'moist' feeling of my skin after using hyaluronic acid products. I must say that I felt I had clearer skin in the days that I used this cream, possibly due to the tea tree oil inside. 

Would I repurchase? Unlikely as I have tonnes of moisturisers to try out, but I would suggest that friends with oily/acne prone skin try the cream, especially if it comes back on a trial price.

You can get a discount off your first order (USD$10 off your first order of USD$40 or above by using the code: ESO758.

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