Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tony Moly Tony Tint in Cherry Pink

I ordered a Tony Moly Tony Tint in Cherry Pink when I was hauling from Gmarket Korea. Unlike Benefit's Benetint, this stain might actually only be meant for the lips (ad images only show it for the lips). 

Held just directly under the light 

The Tony Tint comes with a doefeet applicator, which makes it easy to apply on lips. It comes in 2 colours, and Cherry Pink is the darker colour. 

Stain after rubbing 

As a stain, the Tony Tint works well. However, I find that it does not suit me due to my dry lips. Tints do not have moisturing properties and I had forgot about that before I ordered. 

Also, after I dab on the tint with the applicator, I use my finger to smear the tint around, ensuring an even coat. This means my finger gets a reddish tint, much like after voting!

Quite frankly, without blotting, the shade of Cherry Pink looks scary on the lips. It is far better to apply and blot vigourously. 

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions mentioned are my own.

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