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June theme special - Canmake cream cheek CL03, creamy rouge 03 and stay-on balm rouge swatches

This post is dedicated entirely to Canmake lip products. Technically the Canmake Cream Cheek is a blusher but I found it to perform best on my lips as a matte-ish stain compared to it being a blusher. These are Canmake products either purchased personally (using my own money) or swatched in late May/June.   

Canmake Cream Cheek in CL03 Clear Sunset

I was reading reviews on the Canmake Cream Cheek and the words "limited exclusive shade" jumped out at me for Canmake Cream Cheek CL03 Clear Sunset. The colour swatches of CL03 found on a few beauty blogs were gorgeous and I decided to pop into my local Watsons to see if it was in stock. It was and my handbag was more than happy to accommodate a Canmake Cream cheek on the way home. 

Front of Canmake Cream Cheek (packaging still intact)

 Back of Canmake Cream Cheek (packaging still intact)

Plastic removed! 

CL03 Clear sunset has been described as pinky-red or a watermelon red

When I first used the Canmake cream cheek, it was as a blusher. I was applying it in the car (as a passenger) and dabbing at it with a cotton bud then applying it on my face was too bright for me. It could also be my technique as I didn't have any brushes with me and could only smudge with my fingers and cover up the subsequent brightness with powder and a foam wedge. 

I have used stick cream blushers in the past and found that my personal preference for cream blushers may lie on the stick format/tube-y way. It is far easier (to me) to apply and blend cream blusher using my fingers if it was first applied on my face via a stick. I may have to experiment more with picking up and applying cream blusher using a synthetic makeup brush before any conclusions can be drawn. 

Canmake Creamy Rouge in 03 Sweet Cherry

Actually, the Canmake Creamy Rouge in 03 Sweet Cherry was my first Canmake purchase but due to online shopping, it arrived at my doorstep after I had purchased the Canmake cream cheek from a physical store. 

I love the gold casing. Considering its price tag and general target audience (Canmake is marketed at under-30 years-old in Japan), this feels quite luxurious with the weight of the case and 'Creamy Rouge' at the side of the tube. 

The color seems a tad bright but once blotted, it's perfect on my pigmented lips. 

Swatches of both on my arm (applied with cotton bud)

As an experiement, I applied both the Canmake Cream Cheek CL03 Clear Sunset and Creamy Rouge 03 Sweet Cherry on different halves of my lips.

Left half: my original lips, without any lip color applied (I have lanolin on my lips but it's only to moisturise lips before any lip color). Right half: Canmake Cream Cheek CL03 Clear Sunset on my pigmented lips, applied with a brush (no blotting yet)

Left half: Canmake Creamy Rouge in 03 Sweet Cherry applied with a brush, right half: Canmake Cream Cheek CL03 Clear Sunset applied with a brush (no blotting for both halves yet)

30 minutes after blotting. Both halves have effectively 'melted' into my lips and makes them seem rosier/pinker than they actually are. They feel invisible and does not overly enhance my dry lips/lines. 

I do like the effect for both and will be adding them to my daily/go to makeup bag (along with a brush). 

Since we're on the subject of Canmake lip products, the Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouges were another lip products which have received good reviews. Generally and favorably compared to the Revlon (original) Just Bitten Balm stains, the Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge can be found in 7 different shades in Singapore (including 01 which has been discontinued in Japan).

Spotted this display stand at a Watsons store

Display stand highlighting that 07 is the latest addition to the Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge color family 

Left- Right: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 07 (yes, I reorganised the testers in the store in this order). There are only shade numbers, no names/descriptions with the Stay-on Balm Rouge.

Swatches of the Stay-on Balm Rouges in the same left-right order as above (store lighting)

Swatches of the Stay-on Balm Rouges in the same left-right order as above (mall lighting but under a skylight with daylight coming in)

The colors are pretty and I found them easy to swatch e.g. they glided on easily. However, due to my own pigmented lips, I was concerned that they might not be sufficient to overcome my original color and might in fact appear more like a tinted lip balm. There have been feedback from people who purchased these who love the color and texture but those whom I know of don't have as pigmented lips as mine.

However, if I were to purchase, I might purchase it in 07-something about the berry red hue calls to me.

Disclaimer: I received no payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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