Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Addiction 5th anniversary palettes

Addiction is a makeup brand currently only available in Japan. Despite only selling in Japan, Addiction has established an excellent name for itself in the eyeshadow range. Addiction is in fact, a brand under the Kose group and its creative director is a makeup artist based in New York by the name of Ayako. 

Face of 5th anniversary collections (model: Rila Fukushima) tweeted by Ayako

Addiction celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2014 and is launching 3 limited edition eyeshadow palettes for the occasion.  For someone who doesn't really own any high-end eyeshadows, I am very tempted to purchase the Addiction 5th Anniversary eyeshadow palettes. More precisely, the red and black palettes. 

Shades in the red palette: Alice 025M, Mariage 062P, Flash Back 030ME, Ice Wall 008 ME

Shades in the black palette: Joker 019M, Thriller 035P, Concrete Jungle 027P, Arabian Ruby 029ME

Shades in the white palette: Paper Doll 001M, Sugar Angel 002P, Nouvelle Lune 060P, Cigarette 034P

Each palette comes with 4 eyeshadow singles and is priced at 6696 yen after tax (6200 yen before tax; the anniversary palettes are the same price as the regular Addiction eyeshadow quads). You can find more pictures here and here

These palettes will be stocked for sale on Friday 11 July. 

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