Saturday, May 11, 2013

Banila Co it Radiant CC cream

Banila Co is a South Korean brand known for its base makeup. 

The Banila Co Let me dressed (yes, that is the grammatically incorrect name) BB cream is, in my opinion, one of the best BB creams suited for Chinese skin or skin with yellow tones. I first read about Let me dressed BB cream from Bubzbeauty who rated it as one of the top BB creams in 2012. 

Banila Co released a CC cream in January 2013. Banila Co it Radiant CC cream purposed to whiten, moisturize and acts as a color control makeup base with SPF30 PA+++. I ordered this when I was placing my Gmarket Korea order in April 2013. 

The instructions online indicated to use this 30 mins before you actually intend to show your face to the public. I assume that they found that the effect is best after 30 mins.

Update on 22 May 2013: I took new pictures when I used the CC cream one morning. 

Updated on 22 May 2013
Left to right #nofilters (same camera phone):
1 - partial view of face and neck w/ the CC cream on (I have different skin tones on my face and neck due to years of using sunscreen & skincare products on my face while ignoring my neck)
2 - Immediately after applying Banila Co it Radiant CC cream. (slight pinkish cast to skin)
3 - 5 mins after application.  The product had absorbed and there was only a pale pink/luminating cast to my skin
4 - 25 mins after application. The product had absorbed fully and the pale pink cast was at its minimum. 

On the whole, I would say that I prefer this CC cream to the BB creams I have tried in the past (Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream did not work for me despite the numerous favourable reviews online). The coverage is sheer and provides a luminating effect.

Luminous skin is not oily skin, contrary to what some people think. There is a fine line between looking dewy/luminous and oil-slick. I find that this looks dewy/luminous on me. I would personally use this to create a 'not wearing any makeup' look on a good skin day or for highlighting certain areas e.g. cheekbones etc. 

My skin characteristics: I have dehydrated but oily skin and is prone to dry patches around the nasolabial folds (laugh lines) occasionally. Colourwise, my skin looks natural in MAC NC25/ Lancome Teint Miracle O-03/Makeup Store Cream. 

Banila Co It Radiant CC cream retails at approximately S$28/- (25,000 kwon) for 30 ml.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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