Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion

The Bifesta cleansing lotions have received many good reviews from beauty bloggers. Several Asian bloggers like to compare the Bifesta Cleansing Lotions with the Bioderma Sensibio removers. I decided to get one in Taiwan if the price was right.

With only the Bifesta Moist Cleansing Lotion and the Bright Up Cleansing Lotion were available to choose from on the day of my flight leaving Taiwan, I decided to go with the Bright Up one. I was actually on the lookout for the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover but couldn't find it in the Watsons store.

Before this, I had typically removed makeup via cleansing oils, cleansing milks and bi-phase removers (for eye & lip areas). I would then proceed to wash my face with a cleanser and this process is typically known as double cleansing. Apparently, the Bifesta makeup cleansers promises to keep your face clean without the need to double cleanse. Its various cleansing lotions also claim to have skincare properties; the Bright Up Cleansing Lotion promises to brighten up your skin after extensive use. 

Actually I have to admit that after years of using makeup removers which leave a 'layer' on the face and requiring a further wash-off with a gel cleanser, the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is very different and takes getting used to. I sometimes pour makeup remover into my palm and start patting it on my face and subsequently rubbing the makeup off (when I forget to bring cotton pads into the washroom). This does not work with the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion as it is the consistency of water. You will need cotton pads or some textile material to absorb the lotion before using it. Perhaps "Cleansing Water" is a more apt description, "lotion" to me conjures up a runny texture.

On the other hand, this Cleansing Lotion is very good at its job. In fact, I used it to remove eyeliner on a few occasions when I couldn't find my eye makeup remover. It does not sting the eyes and is quite effective at removing eyeliner.    

Unlike some Japanese brands which do a different version of products for overseas markets and a version for the Japanese domestic market, the Bifesta cleansing lotions sold outside Japan appear to be the same as the ones sold in Japan. 

I purchased this at NT$350/S$14.70 RRP (I think I got a 15% discount on it but the receipt shows an overall discount off my total spend) and the Bright Up Cleansing Lotion sells for S$18.90 in various locations in Singapore. This is an extremely friendly price, considering the lotion is 300ml. 

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions mentioned are my own.

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