Monday, May 20, 2013

Lady First Singapore version

女人我最大 has decided to do a Singapore version, possibly to cater to the South East Asian viewers. More commonly known by its initials as pronounced, NRWZD typically introduces makeup products via its expert hairstylist/makeup artist/stylist. 

I've been watching the original Taiwanese show for the longest time and part of the draw for me is try and identify the products used. To avoid outright advertising products, they conceal the brand names via stickers. But the producers typically identify most of the products on the show's blog. When they get the products wrong, the avid viewers are quick to react on forums and blogs. I've often astonished Mr E by shouting out the brand when they do a close-up of the product (with stickers over the brand), just like Bingo.

For the first episode of a well-loved show, it went down quite well. Localising the show brought a team of Singaporean minor celebrities and bloggers onto the show and some of them were naturally awkward on screen. The Singapore version was sponsored by Watsons, hence the episode featured mostly products sold at Watsons stores.

The only non-Watsons brands I spotted were Kevin Beautymaker (demonstrated by Kevin himself) and Benefit. I look forward to more episodes as the Taiwanese experts get familiar with Singapore's weather and  adapt techniques for Singapore.

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