Thursday, May 2, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld in Singapore

Bonjour. I am delighted to be here in Singapore. *waves black lace fan to bring air to face*

I admit my handlers told me it would be warm, but I was not expecting the amount of heat. When I was in Beijing, China in 2007 for the Fendi Grand Wall of China show, the temperatures were so nice! Nonetheless, I will stick to wear black and white and boots in Singapore. My handlers have been instructed to bring me to as many air-conditioned places as possible where I can also drink my diet Coke in peace.

Singapore is truly an ideal country to showcase the latest 2013-2013 Chanel cruise collection. 

Besides, I'm designing the emblem of Sofitel So Singapore and I'll like to take a look at this city.

(Takes a question from one journalist)

Where will I be going in Singapore?

Well, I love books and magazines, so a trip to Kinokuniya (after hours, of course) is in order. I have also heard good things about Books Actually but I do not know if I have time. 

My entourage wants to visit Pangaea and I might go for a few minutes. Of course, Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Hotel are on the schedule too. We are showing Once Upon A Time at Raffles Hotel on 8 May.

You can go here to see the actual film if your editors don't allow you to come to the film screening (hands snow-white cards all around). 

Other than that, I have no time. The fashion show takes up a lot of my time. I am not a tourist here, you understand. I am here to work.

(Takes a question from another journalist)

Will I be trying chicken rice?

Excusez moi, I am Karl Lagerfeld, not Anthony Bourdain. The Karl Lagerfeld diet is famous, non? 

I will drink diet Coke, lots of it. The rest, my staff will prepare my food.

(PR handler smiles and indicates the conversation is over. The Kaiser is leaving the building.)

Disclaimer: I do not and have not worked for Chanel, Fendi nor its related companies. My only link with Karl Lagerfeld is in having a Karl Lagerfeld doll from the Sephora collection. I mean no disrespect by this blog post and the purest motives for Mr Karl Lagerfeld to enjoy himself in Singapore outside his work.

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