Saturday, May 18, 2013

MAC All About Orange

MAC's All About Orange is going to be launched in Singapore on 22 May. USA is expected to get it on 6 June and UK is also supposed to receive it in June. Singapore is getting it ahead of USA and UK!

Score one for Team Singapore! 

After years of seeing collections and products come late to Singapore and Asia (or never coming at all), I'm heartened by this news. Not too sure if MAC will launch All about Orange in all the MAC counters/boutiques islandwide, but I do know that Tangs Singapore will have this collection on this date. 

If the collection is only available at Tangs Singapore (at the start), it would mean that MAC views Tangs, possibly the doyenne of departmental retail in Singapore, as a worthy partner. MAC has often partnered with Nordstrom (USA) to launch MAC exclusives and *fingers crossed*, perhaps a similar collaboration is not far off in Singapore?

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