Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chanel and vending machines

Sick of snooty BAs staring at your kids or bags of groceries as you attempt to pick up just one beauty item you can't do without? Tired to trying to shut down a chatty BA as she tries to 'introduce' you to that one fragrance or product that you need to know about?

Chanel has figured it out. They've placed their latest mascara, Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in a vending machine. 

This Le Volume de Chanel Mascara vending machine is located at Selfridges, London, UK from Apr 25-8 May. Three shades are available - Prune (apparently purple), Bleu (blue) and Noir (black). Chanel has also launched a collection alongside this event- Jeux de Regards (4 waterproof eyeliners, eyeshadow quad and creamy eyeshadow pot). 

This is the first makeup collection to be out since Peter Philips' resignation in Feb 2013 (Chanel Makeup's Creative Director) and although the prep work for the collection must have been done way before his resignation, it would still be interesting to see if the creative team at Chanel Makeup can keep the ball rolling on this one. My money's on "yes, they can!"   

Oh, and by the way, that snooty BA? You still need to talk to her to get the token/coin to purchase a tube of Le Volume de Chanel in the vending machine. 

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