Thursday, April 18, 2013

MAC Chromographic Pencil and Baking Beauties

Despite MAC being a beauty staple brand (its foundation shades are almost universally used by beauty bloggers to reference their skin shades), I've actually never owned a single MAC product. 

Oh, I've been attracted before. Like Nordstrom-exclusive MAC collections and various bits and bobs here and there. 

But this might be just the season to change that. The coral hue of Lasting Sensation (MAC Chromographic Multi-Use Pencils) seems an excellent addition to my current collection of bright/orange lippies. I can only find the swatch of Lasting Sensation here inspite of the fact that it should be available in USA before UK. Perhaps the USA bloggers have different press samples?  

On another note, the Baking Beauties MAC collection (available for sale in USA) bears a striking resemblence to Etude House's Sweet Recipe.  

Have spotted only one item from both collections I actually might consider buying. 
Pearlmatte Face Powder (MAC Baking Beauties) 

Baby Choux Base (Etude House Sweet Recipe)

There is no available information on when Baking Beauties will arrive at MAC counters in Singapore (if they follow to form, since USA is getting them now and UK has not received them yet, we might get them in late May/Jun? If we're lucky). Etude House's Sweet Recipe collection is available at Etude House shops. 

Update 16 May: Baking Beauties arrived in Singapore sometime in early May. I saw the visuals and the counters were stocked with the collection.

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