Thursday, April 11, 2013

China Glaze - real vs fake

I happened to see the bottom of my China Glaze nail polishes yesterday and spotted something strange.

To my surprise, the China Glaze Hunger Games collection - Luxe and Lush had its bottom label looking highly suspicious! There are many bloggers who have documented real vs fake OPI nail polishes and the off-center of this label looked a tad too similar to some of the telltale signs of fake OPI nail polishes.

Worried, I snapped off some shots of my China Glaze nail polishes and dropped China Glaze an email.

Photo 1 sent to China Glaze for verification (photo went for a little cropping for this blog entry)

 Photo 2 sent to China Glaze for verification (photo went for a little cropping for this blog entry)

Close-up shot of CG Glitter Crackle in Jade-D, Mimosa's before Manis and Luxe & Lush

I told China Glaze that "For China Glaze Latticed Lilac and Oxidized Aqua Glitter Crackle, the label at the bottom shows a small row of words "China Glaze Nail Care Cosmetics LA, CA 900400". However, this line is absent in the other bottles of China Glaze nail polish (as seen in the photos). (exact wording in the email)". They heard me and replied within 24 hours (considering we're in different parts of the world). 

The reply from Abigail, Customer Relations, AII (China Glaze) was "Both of the labels are authentic China Glaze labels, but the newer label has [a] peel off feature that reveals the ingredients and contact information. The older ones have the information printed directly on it." (exact wording in the email reply)

And true enough, when I peeled back the label for Luxe and Lush, there it was!

Going through my collection of China Glaze nail polishes (excluding the nail treatments), my best guess was that China Glaze changed the labelling after June 2011.

CG name - USA Launch dates - Type of label
Latticed Lilac - June 2011 - Older label
Oxidized Aqua - June 2011 - Older label
Marry a Millionaire - Nov 2011 - Peel-off label
Luxe & Lush - March 2012 - Peel-off label
Jade-D - Apr 2012 - Peel-off label
Mimosa's before Manis - Feb 2013 - Peel-off label

Glad to know I can reply on my regular nail store (sorry if I ever doubted you K!).

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions mentioned are my own.

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