Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gmarket Korea haul April 2013

My last Gnarket haul was in Sep 2012 (which makes it a whopping 7 months - I've lost my original Gold membership grade and have been levelled down to "New"!). Actually this time round, the haul was initially inspired by DD. We spotted child watercolor crayons used by our Taiwanese friends' DD and asked about them. Mr Effort was impressed by them and I told him that I could order it online. 

For once, my online shopping skills were tested to the maximum. With only 2 photos of the crayons (the box had no English words except "Made in Korea"), no brand name (not even in Korean), I had to seek them through Gmarket Korea. 

But I did it! Although the crayon seller wasn't the cheapest and there was a delivery charge, it was the one of 2 sellers that I found that had the crayons sold in 24 pcs in stock. Unfortunately, one of the 2 pieces I ordered came cracked despite being wrapped in bubble wrap. My Korean failed me in other ways (read on).

I also decided to order skincare samples, Peripera lip items and CC cream from Banila Co since I was ordering from Gmarket Korea anyway.  

Haul (excludes items from skincare samples seller)

I ordered skincare samples to address hydration issues. Alas, my ability to pair Korean characters failed me (Hera aquabolic emulsion for normal-dry skin was delivered instead the normal-oily skin I wanted). I also ordered a Tony Moly lip tint (4,500 kwon) and a Tony Moly Lip Balm Bunny (4,500 kwon) since the seller sold selected Tony Moly items. 

So for 6,900 kwon each (original price 7,000 kwon, seller had store discount of 100 kwon), I received
1) su:m37 Water full moisturing gel cream (20 sachet pcs)
2) su:m37 Water full essence (20 sachet pcs)
3) Hera Aquabolic serum (5ml X 7 pcs)
4) Hera Aquabolic emulsion (normal-oily skin) (5ml X 25 pcs)

Banila Co (items on the white paper on the right are freebies!)

Peripera lip (the middle tube is actually a ballpoint pen!)

Have already reviewed Peripera Peri's Tint Jelly here and will post other reviews after using them.

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