Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Koji Takako Lip Gloss

I bought a Koji Takako Lip Gloss, shade: Kiss Chocolat online while I was in Taiwan.

Takako is actually a famous Japanese makeup artist who has several makeup books under her belt. Koji had invested in a collaboration with Takako and followed up with a similar collaboration with Tsubasa Masuwaka, resulting in the brand Dolly Wink. Despite it being Koji's second venture into cosmetics and its relative higher price point for a drugstore line, Dolly Wink has been a huge success in Asia, far exceeding the Takako line.

The lip gloss comes in 2 shades. I chose the Kiss Chocolat, a shade which appeared to have brown undertones. To admit it, I was attracted to the lip gloss mainly because of its spatula applicator.

Few lip glosses have such spatula applicators. Most of them come with the 'doefeet' applicator (which looks like a fuzzy wand), brush applicator or slanted opening. I personally favour spatula and brush applicators as they are easier to wipe off excess before returning to the tube and closing it. They even made the top part of the spatula pink compared to the body to reflect the lip gloss (vs Sony CP Lip Curvy Silicone which had a transparent spatula and white body).

The cap is printed with a lovely outlined design of a tower (possibly Tokyo Tower) along with lace outlines Although I am no fan of pink, the overall design of the lip gloss is pleasing. However, the lip gloss does not have a level bottom and is unable to stand by itself. The lip gloss itself is of a milky type, common in Japanese lip glosses and balms. The milky lip products typically include a 'lip concealer' aspect and allow the colour of your natural lips to be hidden as to best showcase the colour of the lip gloss. Think of it as opaque lip gloss.

Kiss Chocolat looks like pink with a brown undertone in the tube but shows up slightly more pink on me. I swatched it here and grabbed the nearest lip gloss I usually use for a natural look for a comparison (Josie Maran Argan Natural Volume Lip Gloss in Optimism). It doesn't feel sticky on me (compared to other lip glosses). I wore it during a 5-course dinner along with drinks and although I didn't expect the colour to last throughout dinner, there was still a stain of colour when I wiped my lips after dinner and my lips felt moisturised.

With flash

The opaque-ness of Takako lip gloss is clearly visible compared with Josie Maran's. The lip gloss is pure pink/brown with no shimmer nor glitter. I paid about S$8.22 (NTD199) for 7g of product but the indicated retail value is S$15.03 (1,200 yen). The packaging indicated that the lip gloss was made in Japan, but the date of manufacture was Jan 2011 (expiry date indicated: Jan 2016). I have serious doubts about any makeup products being able to last 4 years when unopened but the product is still good.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions mentioned are my own.

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