Monday, April 29, 2013

Uniqlo in Hong Kong

Uniqlo opened its latest flagship store in Hong Kong on Fri 26 April, 10 am. Located at Lee Theatre Plaza, Causeway Bay (with one of its 2 entrances just diagonal from Time Square), this is peak Causeway Bay retail space. I was scheduled to fly from Hong Kong on Fri, but figured that I had some time in the morning and would be able to make a quick dash to the Uniqlo store. 

This HK flagship store has a UT store in store, Uniqlo's second UT store in store after its first in Japan. With its T shirt gallery, and the the latest collection on sale (Uniqlo UT Grand Prix 2013 Global T shirt competition), it was difficult to limit T shirt buying to a few. I ended up picking several for family and friends too. I managed to score a David Bowie T shirt from Uniqlo UT Grand Prix 2013 for myself!

UT store in store (Lee Theatre Plaza, HK)


 T shirts galore near the entrance

I also bought a lot of children's clothes for DD and various family kiddies.

plumpynuts children's collection

Naturally, being the flagship store, I did expect Uniqlo Lee Theatre Plaza to get some collections ahead of everyone. But I did not expect so many collections to be ahead of Singapore and ahead of its other outlets in HK!

Collections available in Uniqlo flagship: 
- Lulu Guiness (supposed to be in Singapore in May, already available in other HK outlets)
- Karen Walker children's collection KW2 (supposed to be in Singapore in mid May, did not see in other HK outlets).
- Global T shirt competition (did not see in other HK outlets)
- plumpynuts children collection (no word on when it will come to Singapore) 

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