Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kids shoe shopping: Mini Melissa Campana Zigzag Mary Jane Flats

Saks Fifth Avenue recently ran a free shipping to Singapore promotion and I took the chance to order some clothes for DD and Mr effort.

I saw that the Mini Melissa Campana Zigzag Mary Jane Flats were on offer (S$36/-) and possible to ship to Singapore and I took the chance to buy them! I was a bit weary of the Crocs type of jelly/rubber shoes and the Mini Melissas I saw in the stores had decent flat soles suitable for children.

I selected size 8 as she currently wears size 6.5 for Clarks, thinking it would be perfect when she grows out of her current pair of shoes and her size 7 next pair of shoes (If you're like me, you would have shoes in the next immediate size in the cupboard, waiting for the exact minute you realise your child no longer fits into her current shoes. Makes no sense? You're not a parent addicted to online shopping).

When they arrived, I was surprised at the size.

Left to right: Bubblegummers Hello Kitty sneakers (Japan size 15.0), Crocs (size C6/7), Mini Melissa (size 8), Clarks Mary Janes (size 6.5)

Mini Melissa size USA 8, European 24, Brazil 22, Japan 14

You can tell from first glance that the Mini Melissa is shorter in length than the other shoes. However, when I tried them on DD and stuck my finger in at the back of her heel to see how much the gap was, I was pleasantly surprised that there was more space for the Mini Melissa than for her current Clarks. My guess was that the Mini Melissa is a UK size 7, which proved correct when I visited the kids shoe size guide for Saks Fifth Avenue website

I had purchased a pair of sneakers from Pumpkin Patch at a mall atrium sale and they were in size 8. Check out the difference in length for the 2 pairs (both of them are technically size 8 - although by different countries' sizing!)

Am pleased with the purchase overall as DD can still fit into the Mini Melissa (although not as long as I had hoped) but I will remember in future that kids' shoe sizes are the same as adults - UK and USA sizes differ!

Sidenote: It's been 5 days since I've received the shoes and have placed them in a well-ventilated area. But I can still smell the shoes (other Internet bloggers call it the bubblegum smell). Am just a little concerned about the volatile compounds which are being released.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions mentioned are my own.

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