Monday, April 15, 2013

Peripera Peri's Tint Jelly

Spotted the Peripera lip series while online surfing and decided to order a Peripera Peri's Tint Jelly. I was intrigued by the promise that a blue lip product could produce such a colour.

Apparently, this particular shade is one of the 3 new shades added to Peri's Tint Jelly range in 2013. I had never tried Peripera before but at approximately S$7/-, it was inexpensive to try. Peripera products can be purchased at selected stockists in Singapore, however I have not spotted the Tint Jelly before.  

Actual Tint's Jelly alongside the box

Closeup of Tint Jelly (Shade Sky Stick) and its cover

The packaging is attractive a-la Benefit/various doll style makeup brands. The words on the box states "Like sweet jelly, this tint tenderly melts and color shows by moisture of lips. Argan oil and grape seed oil give vitality to lips."

I would describe the actual product as a teal colour, leaning towards the blue end of the spectrum. The product glides on smoothly, possibly due to its 'argan oil and grape seed oil' extract.

The product actually does appear pink on my lips, although it is more sheer than in the visuals. I applied the Tint Jelly on the entire lower lip and half of my upper lip (no other lip product used before Tint Jelly). The colour is sheer and looks natural.

Blotted lips on tissue

When lips are blotted, purple pigments appear on the tissue rather than any blue hue. When I rubbed the Tint Jelly directly onto a white cup, bluish stains with streaks of purple showed up. I personally don't quite believe without reading more into the ingredients list that this Tint Jelly changes colour with lip/body heat (there are many beauty chemists/scientists blogs debunking such marketing speak) but rather the Tint Jelly utilises pigments to create a visual effect of violet (as advertised by Peripera) lips.  

Rubbed Tint Jelly directly onto white Ikea cup. 

What surprised me when I absentmindedly scrubbed the Tint Jelly off my lips after taking the photos. A stain of the colour remained on my lips inspite of my scrubbing (and I do mean vigorous physical removal with a tissue, no lip makeup remover was used). This colour looked attractive and I did like the look quite a far bit.

Faint stain of colour

Side-note: I am unable to read the ingredient list myself as it is in Korean. The product visuals and descriptions on the box indicate argan oil and grapeseed oil. As I am unable to confirm nor deny the existence of argan oil and grapeseed oil in this product myself, I have indicated these ingredients in italics. I will update the ingredients list in English if possible.  


  1. Thanks! Took pictures of the product on my lips and decided to include them, what the heck. Difficult to convey the colour using words alone.