Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quirky finds in Sg drugstores Apr 2013

I like to wander the aisles of drugstores and beauty stores. Sometimes to see what's new in the world of consumer products, sometimes to gaze at wonderment at what cosmetics companies would think women would pay good money for. 

My wanders came up with these finds.

Eggshell essence & charcoal pore pack (wait a minute, isn't eggshell essence effectively crushed eggshell?)

Paper false eyelashes by Paperself (not new to Singapore but I didn't expect to see them in a suburban shop) 

Detclear Fruits Bright & Peel Jelly

Meishoku Organic Rose range 

There is apparently a Pore ballerina known as Porerina and she does a face wash. "When the pores are clean, the mind dances. Porerina will make you happy." 

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